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Titanium MCA Real Nuts

Titanium MCA Real Nuts

Titanium MCA Real Nuts

Add some style and self-expression to your ride with MCA Real nuts!

Completely configurable 100% titanium wheel nuts with optional aluminium end caps make MCA Real Nuts a great way to give your vehicle some extra flare!

Lightweight and made in a 17mm hex pattern opens up a huge range of fitment options that can cater for those who run longer wheel studs. Our floating taper design offers a range of advantages including keeping your wheels from being scratched while tightening and improved clamping force due to lower friction, not only do they look good they are also a high-performance racing wheel nut.

Available in 12 x 1.25 and 12 x 1.5 stud threads, each set of Real Nuts also comes with a special impact deep socket for easy and correct installation.


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MCA Suspension Real Nuts

Keep your wheels secure

Combining titanium nuts, a through design and titanium floating tapers and a weight reduction up to 30% lighter than the steel variations, The MCA Real Nuts are a great option for high performance and motorsport applications.

Add in that they are completely configurable with a variety of coloured end caps and they are also great for adding some extra flair without any practical sacrifices. 

Available in 12 x 1.25 and 12 x 1.5 stud threads, each set of Real Nuts also comes with a special impact deep socket for easy and correct installation.


Floating Taper

One of the key features of the MCA Real Nuts that separate them from most is the floating taper. The benefits of the floating taper is that during tightening it reduces the chances of leaving marks on your wheels and results in far less torque loss due to the taper not turning against the wheel. 

Real Titanium

The Titanium Real Nuts are made from real titanium, unlike many other products on the market claiming to be “titanium” but are only referring to the look or finish of titanium and are made from steel. 

17mm Hex

The reason for designing the MCA Real Nuts with a 17mm hex is to help fit a larger  number of wheel designs and reduce the chance of having wheel nut socket clearance issues. Thanks to high quality materials used, there is no issue with strength for such a small size.

MCA Suspension Real Nut with a floating taper and the high quality finish with a through design and 17mm hex, one of the best wheel lug nut options on the market.

Through Design

MCA Real Nuts feature a “through design” which means that they are capable of working with extended wheel studs as the wheel nut thread carries all the way through the nut. 

Stylised End Cap Options