GT86 / BRZ

Unlock More Traction

Even though 86s/BRZs don’t have plenty of horse power, they can still struggle to put the power to the ground through a corner or even in a straight line if there’s been a significant power increase. The MCA Traction Mod corrects the flawed factory geometry (which is taken from an AWD car) to result in increased power down capabilities.

Added Comfort

An unexpected side effect of the corrected rear geometry is improved ride quality. This wasn’t something we had considered during testing and development, however soon after releasing the product to market we had customers relaying back to us how they had also noticed an improvement in ride quality.

Increased Stability

86s/BRZs are known for being a bit tail happy through corners, especially in low grip situations. This is due to the rear geometry being based off the Impreza WRX which is All Wheel Drive. The MCA Traction Mod changes the geometry of a key rear suspension arm to better suit Rear Wheel Drive applications. The end result is significantly improved corner stability, balance and confidence through all speeds.

Extra Safety

It’s something not often thought about with stability control systems being common place now, but if the fundamental stability of the car is improved, so is the capabilities of the stability control system and the general safety of the vehicle in certain situations. Through improved stability and rear traction, the MCA Traction Mod actually has a positive impact on the safety of your 86/BRZ.