Lead times: Voston 1-2 weeks, Pro Series and Reds 2-4 weeks.

The Most Comfortable Tesla 3 & Y Suspension kit on the market

With over

Kilometres of testing

After more than 10,000kms of testing, we are confident that the Pro Comfort+ setup is the most comfortable aftermarket, adjustable suspension setup available for the Model 3 and Model Y.

We have achieved a drastic improvement in ride quality when compared to the various versions of the OEM suspension, this has led to a number of happy customers already who were involved with our testing and development program.

Pro Comfort + is a combination of our Pro Comfort suspension kits combined with Eibach springs and additional damper development. 

Rear Coilover Design

Eibach Spring Upgrade

Pro Comfort Dampers

Hand assembled to order by MCA Suspension in Australia

Rear Coilover Conversion

As a part of the process in developing our Pro Comfort+ product we have designed a rear coilover system which has already achieved LS5 Design Code Certification. The advantages of the rear coilover system is that it provides simpler and quicker installation and adjustment, whilst also giving us the ability to use conventional springs designs meaning we have an almost infinite choice of spring rates available to us.

The coilover installation is a direct bolt-in replacement to your current damper, no modifications are needed. 

Ride Height Range

Ride height adjustment range of 25mm lift down to 10mm tyre to fender gap all from the same suspension kit.

Max low

Max lift

Max low

Max lift

Max lift

Max drop

Max lift

Max drop

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Extensive Post Sales Support

Fully supported in Australia from setup advice to upgrades. 

3 Year Warranty

Our Tesla suspension kits have a huge and inclusive 3 year warranty and repaired in Australia. 

Designed In Australia

All of our suspension kits are designed, developed and assembled to order in Australia.

It's What's Inside That Counts

Out of sight and often out of mind, valving is actually the unsung hero of suspension setups.

Valving is essentially oil passing through holes in a piston as the shockabsorber compresses and extends. On each side of the piston is a stack of thin metal discs. The oil pushes against these metal discs, causing them to bend and allow oil to flow out of the piston. The design of the holes in the piston, and the selection and order of the metal discs is how valving gives a shockabsorber it’s handling and ride characteristics.

Valving is the key component that dictates how your car will handle and ride. With just valving changes alone, we can make a ridiculously soft and floaty setup, right through to a crazy firm setup that feels like your suspension arms are welded in place. No other part of your suspension can change the car this drastically.

It’s also not just a case of stiffer and softer either. There is essentially an infinite number of ways to tune and change valving. Because valving is so powerful, this is the main area of focus for us at MCA Suspension. Our valving designs are in a constant state of development and refinement.

We have partnered with Eibach Springs to improve our already excellent Pro Comfort setup even further. We have achieved this by running softer spring rates while maintaining sufficient spring travel in the required spring length.

Eibach uses the world’s finest Hi-Ten spring steel, produced to exceedingly precise tolerances. 

Free MCA Shock Shields Included

An additional bonus for the Pro Comfort+ is that our shock shields come included for no extra charge. The MCA Shock Shields are neoprene covers that wrap around the spring and seal the main working area of the dampers, protecting them from all environmental concerns such as dirt, sand, road grime, etc. This helps prolong the life of the dampers, and keeps them nice and clean to work on / adjust at a later date.

When you add all of the above to the fact that this kit is locally designed, developed, assembled to order, rebuildable, repairable, upgradable and comes with super inclusive 3 year warranty that also covers noises and motorsport use, we are confident that this is the only comfort focused street suspension setup any Tesla Model 3 & Y owner will need.