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Damper Adjuster Extenders


Damper Adjuster Extenders are used to help gain access to a damper adjuster knob when it would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Usually, the situation is that there is some interior trim that covers the top of the shock absorber which is where the damper adjuster knob normally resides. Using the Damper Adjuster Extender, a small hole can be made in the trim and the damper adjuster knob can poke through, providing easy access for damper adjustment without needing to remove interior trim.

Another reason for needing Damper Adjuster Extenders is if the normal damper adjuster knob that’s on top of the shock absorber is in a difficult-to-reach place, and fitting Damper Adjuster Extenders brings it within easier reach.


Fits most MCA Suspension dampers. If you are unsure if they will fit your MCA Suspension, please contact us.

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