Australian Products - Australian Owned - Australian Operated

We are an Australian suspension manufacturer that designs, develops and assembles to order our products in our Brisbane workshop, in Australia. This includes all internal assembly and external assembly processes.

But we aren’t just a suspension brand, we are a family business. And that family has a strong history in motorsport with both Josh (our director) and his father Murray (our founder) being successful drivers, race car designers, race car builders and setup specialists.

Our customers and products benefit from this vast amount of combined experience which as well as our exceptional customer support and extensive warranty programs.

Industry Leading Warranty

To our knowledge, we offer the most inclusive and extensive warranty in the industry for our Pro Series and Reds products. Some of the things that our warranty covers that aren’t normally covered include motorsport use, all possible ride heights and even noises. There’s also a replacement program available for customers to help make the process more convenient.

Our Pro Series and Reds warranty is 3 years and extended to 5 years with 3 years free servicing when purchasing shock shields with your suspension order. The warranty also includes motorsport, for more information on our warranty please click here

Repair, Recondition and Revalve

In addition to our warranty program, all of our suspension products can also be repaired, reconditioned and even revalved. This helps our products last as long as required plus be able to change along with vehicle build evolutions and application changes.

To learn more about our services, click here.

Spring Seat Height Adjustment

One of the biggest, most polarising differences between MCA Suspension and other suspension brands that are around our price point is that we set specific and correct wheel travel ranges. This is done by using the adjustable bottom mount position and then adjusting the ride height by the spring seat position.

For whatever reason, most suspension products around our price point use a “base height” method of height adjustment. We have no idea how this method of design and adjustment came into existence however, we can only assume that it was due to a decision to make cheap/affordable adjustable suspension (when previously nothing like this existed) but without spending the time to gain the knowledge and understanding required.

To learn more about springs seat vs base height adjustment, click here.