MCA Suspension is proud to offer a comprehensive and in most cases unparalleled warranty policy for all suspension products sold.

You can find a copy of our warranty policy here.

If you are experiencing issues with your MCA or Voston Suspension product and wish to submit a claim under our warranty policy, please complete the below form.

Your Information

Are you the original owner of the product?

The MCA Suspension warranty only covers the original owner of the product. Please contact MCA Suspension using the Contact Form to discuss repair options.

Product Information

Did you order direct from MCA Suspension or through another business?

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^ What is this?

For your warranty claim to be considered, a copy of your invoice / proof of purchase is required.

Details of claim

Is it a visual or audible issue?

Please upload a photo of the issue, visual issue claims without a photo will be rejected

Which corner(s) exhibits this issue:

Other Information

How to obtain your product stock number

The product stock number is printed on a sticker located on the bottom of every threaded damper body like in the photos below. It is also found on the Setup Sheet that is provided with each set of new suspension.

Sometimes, depending on the style of bottom mount, it will be difficult/impossible to view this number while the damper is installed in the car, and may also require the bottom mount to be removed to see the sticker.

If you are unable to provide your product stock number then you must provide your invoice number in order for your claim to be considered. If you have any questions or issues with this, please contact MCA Suspension using the Contact Form.