With a focus on street performance, Voston Sport is designed to offer a firm but acceptable ride quality whilst providing a highly enjoyable handling experience for basic street use. At the same time, you get the advantages of adjustable suspension such as damper, height and camber adjustment, where applicable.

To help provide a quality product at this price point, the internals of the Voston Sports are assembled overseas to MCA specifications and tolerances. Each damper goes through a thorough quality control check and is then assembled with the external parts (mounts, springs, spring seats, etc) at our Brisbane workshop.

MCA Suspension offers one of the best (if not the best) warranty around for suspension components. This warranty covers bushes, bearings, rubbers and seals however, we often cover more (this is decided on a case by case basis) as we strive to make sure that the experience our customers have when using our products is the best possible. One of the main areas we differ to our competitors is that we also go out of our way to help make sure that any warranty claims are handled in a speedy and extremely convenient manner. Although Voston internals are assembled to our specs overseas, all warranty repairs are done by MCA here in Australia. 

All the externals of Voston are hand assembled by us here in Australia (mounts, springs, spring seats etc). We also thoroughly test/check the dampers before assembly to make sure they are up to MCA specification

Not all vehicles are compatible with camber tops, but where possible our products come with camber tops included and fitted. The benefit of camber tops is that they provide a simple and quick way of adjusting the camber. This helps achieve optimum tyre wear and grip for various applications. 

24 clicks of damper adjustment between hard and soft settings. The way the damper adjuster works is it controls the amount of oil that bypasses the valving system. Setting the adjuster harder restricts the oil flow making the damper firmer while setting the adjuster softer allows the oil to flow easier which makes the damper softer. 

MCA Suspension products DO NOT use “base height adjustment” this is because the “base height adjustment” method of initial design and height adjustment is extremely flawed, carries no logic and shows a pure lack of understanding of how suspension works. Here and MCA Suspension our setups are far more thoroughly designed and therefore use the spring seat height adjustment method for ride height. This is the same system used on top-end suspension products. 

Regarding vehicle suspension, there are two types of dampers in the way they operate internally. Monotube and Twin-Tube. Twin-Tubes often are cheaper alternatives and don’t have the same potential as monotubes (for example, most factory dampers and cheaper factory replacement dampers are twin tubes). 

MCA Suspension only uses Monotube Suspension, as do all true high-end suspension brands. The monotube design offers better cooling for the internal oil and stops oil and gas mixing, both of which make the suspension damper more consistent and last longer.