Coilover Type Shock Absorber

Coilover Strut Type

These are simply a piece of rubber that is designed to protect the shockabsorber from a "metal to metal" impact when reaching full compressed length.

Bottom Mount and Locking Ring:
This is used to adjust the shock's length and wheel travel range. This is preset by MCA Suspension at a position that should suit most cars of the same model. If you wish to move this, please contact MCA Suspension first.

At the base of the body (only visable with bottom mount removed) there is a 2.5mm allen key bolt. DO NOT remove this bolt.

Spring Seats:
These are used to adjust the vehicle's ride height. If you wish to change the ride height, do not worry if you have to compress the spring or have it sitting loose (`unentrapped') to achieve your desired ride height. This is perfectly fine.

Damper Adjuster:
This is where the damper adjuster is positioned. For fi more information see 'Damper Adjuster' info sheet.

The shaft is connected to shims and a piston which moves through the oil as it moves up and down in the body.

Springs come in various lengths and rates. These are marked on each spring in the form of 5 numbers. For example, '18006' means 180mm long and 6kg/mm in spring rate.

Holds oil and gas. Inside there is a `floating piston' that separates the gas from the oil.

Spring Locator:
This is a feature unique to MCA Suspension. It is designed to help locate the spring if it becomes unentrapped so that the spring goes straight up back into position when the shock absorber is compressed.