Damper Adjuster

The Damper Adjuster is located at either the top or the bottom of the shockabsorber, depending on the type. This is shown below...

Damper Ajuster Image

No matter the position the adjusters look, operate and work in exactly the same way. It is a grooved, shiny metal knob and has a bright yellow sticker on it showing the directions to turn it for either a harder setting, or softer setting. 'H' stands for harder and 'S' stands for softer.

The Damper Adjuster has 13 settings in total, with 4 per full turn. You will feel a 'click' everytime you reach a new setting. Turn it clockwise for a harder setting and anti-clockwise for a softer setting. Here at MCA Suspension we refer to the most clockwise (hardest) setting as `0' (zero). Then each setting anti-clockwise from that '0' position is referred to as '1' through to full anti-clockwise (softest) setting of '12'. The adjuster will come to a stop at both ends of the adjuster range.

Remember that when you get your suspension they are already set at a particular position from MCA Suspension. This setting is generally where we consider it to perform at its best, although this may be changed to suit your own needs. The settings that your shocks arrive at (the setting we think is ideal) are marked on the 'Damper and Spring Setup Sheet'.