Pivoting a Hose with a Banjo Fitting

Note: Please read through instructions before commencing.

Banjo Pivoting

Step 1: Crack the Bolt

Take a 19mm Spanner (preferably the ‘ring’ end) and place it on the 19mm hex of the Banjo Bolt. Now crack the tension of the bolt anti-clockwise just a VERY small amount, this may just mean a couple of hits on the end of the spanner with the palm of your hand.

Banjo Pivoting

Step 2: Pivot the hose

Take hold of the hose with your free hand whilst still holding firmly on your spanner, the closer you can hold the hose to the Banjo fitting the better. Now whilst firmly holding your spanner in place so as to not let it undo any further, try and pivot the hose into your preferred position for fitment. If it seems as though the hose will not move, it is ok to undo the banjo bolt with your spanner just a little more, but only until you are able to move the hose into your preferred position. It is ok to lose a few small drops of oil, however if it starts coming out quickly, immediately nip up the Banjo Bolt and try this step again. Take your time. You may need to put more effort into pivoting the hose.

Banjo Pivoting

Step 3: Re-tightening the Banjo Bolt

Once you have successfully moved the hose into your preferred position, hold the hose their firmly as you use your spanner to tighten the Banjo Bolt clockwise. Make sure this bolt is very tight.


You may wish to observe your adjusted fitting a few times in the near future after use, just to be sure that there is no oil leaking from it. If it does appear to be leaking, try tightening this bolt further. If leaking persists or if you think you may have lost too much oil, contact MCA Suspension on (07) 5494 8177