Rebound (bleed) Adjustment - Thumb Wheel Clicker

Rebound (bleed) Adjustment - Thumb Wheel Clicker

Found on end of the spindle shaft. Rebound can be adjusted by turning the red thumb wheel with your fingers, there are 12 clicks to a turn.

Maximum dampening is achieved by turning the adjuster maximum clockwise direction until bottoming out (the adjuster will bottom inside the shockabsorber before it bottoms onto the shaft). This position is called “0”.

Turning the adjuster anti-clockwise will soften the dampening, and if softened by 6 clicks, this position is called “-6”. “0” to “-30” (3.5 turns) is the range of adjustment. The adjuster can be turned further but no further dampening changes occur.

A typical rebound (bleed) adjustment for a shockabsorber being used on a gravel surface would be in the range of “-12” to “-30”, and for tarmac use “-2” to “-12”.