Suspension Tuning Guide

The following list of suspension tips are only a guide to help setup your car or fix any handling problems. These are not guaranteed for every scenario, but should help most situations. And they only touch on suspension changes, not diff settings, brake balance or any other area of the car. If these do not seem to help you fix your handling problems, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. When tuning your suspension it’s all about finding the right balance to suit the track or your driving style.


Understeer: The car does not turn enough around corners due to the front wheels losing traction while trying to turn, you may even notice the car just slide straight ahead and not turn at all.

Oversteer: The opposite of understeer, the car has lots of front-wheel traction when turning and the rear wheels lose traction and slide out or cause the car to go into a spin. 

If understeers into corners

  • Higher rear spring rate.
  • Softer front spring rate.
  • Softer front bump setting.
  • Harder rear rebound setting.
  • Higher rear ride height.
  • Harder rear anti-roll bar.

If oversteer

  • Softer rear spring rate.
  • Softer rear rebound setting.
  • Softer rear bump setting.
  • Lower rear ride height.
  • Softer rear anti-roll bar.
  • Harder front spring rate.

If understeer mid and exiting corners

  • Higher rear spring rate.
  • Harder rear bump settings. 
  • Harder rear anti-roll bar.

If hitting bump stops or ground excessively

  • More travel / Higher ride height.
  • Harder bump setting.
  • Harder spring rate (last resort).

If lack of traction

  • Softer rebound on drive wheels.
  • softer bump on drive wheels.
  • Softer front bump setting.
  • softer anti-roll bar on drive wheels.
  • softer spring rate on drive wheels.

If bad braking effeciency

  • Softer front spring rate.
  • Softer front bump setting.
  • Harder rear rebound setting.

Tailored suspension kit made for your specific requirement eg: stance, drag racing, drift, time attack, comfort, or to handle extra aero or complement other performance mods.

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