Because you have chosen “Yes, I want it slammed”, we will need to suggest our Pro Stance product. This product will be a bit firmer than the Pro Drifts and less tested/developed for drifting. However, with how low it seems you’re wanting to set your ride height, there is likely to be significantly less bump travel than what would typically be required for a drift car to perform at its optimum.

For the ride height you want to achieve, we believe you would benefit from a product designed to operate with minimal bump travel rather than one designed for peak performance at an optimum ride height

To back up that decision, we have actually had Pro Stance customers use their car for drifting with good results all things considered. The car was stable, easy to control and featured decent rear traction considering how low and stiff the car is.

Do you wish to proceed to the Pro Stance product, or go back and re-think your previous answer?