Designed & Built In Australia

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Here at MCA Suspension each set of suspension is actually assembled to order. This means you’re getting a freshly hand built set of suspension rather than one that’s been assembled overseas and been sitting on a shelf for 6 months or more waiting to be purchased.

This method of manufacturing helps us offer the best quality control in the affordable suspension market as well as allows us to implement updates and improvements quickly, rather than having to sell off old stock first.

We also do the design work and testing in house. This way we can be confident that each product is nice and easy to fit, and that it will operate as it should. This also adds to our ability to offer helpful installation support when needed.

Plus who wouldn’t want to support local brands and local jobs 😊

Photo of MCA Suspension Director and owner Josh Coote designing suspension for the Toyota GR Yaris in our Brisbane workshop with Brandon
Director Josh Coote and one of our Damper Assembly Technicians developing suspension for our GR Yaris in 2021