Maintenance & Repairs

Because most factory suspension products aren’t able to be reconditioned and cheaper or overseas aftermarket suspension brands aren’t well supported in Australia, we find most people aren’t aware that having your aftermarket suspension maintained or even altered is an option.

One of the main benefits of MCA Suspension products is that they are fully supported here in Australia. Thanks to the services we offer, your suspension can not only last as long as you like, but they can also be altered as needed if your intended use for them changes over time.

MCA Suspension


(from $350 per damper, also includes reconditioning)

Valving is the heart of a damper and is a large part of what gives a suspension setup it’s handling and ride quality characteristics. It can be very advantageous to be able to have your suspension’s valving changed.  It could be that you’re wanting to change what your car is setup for such like going from a street focused setup to a more track focused setup, or it could be that you’re wanting to fine tune a setup to try and further dial it into your individual needs. Either way, here at MCA Suspension we are able to offer these services to our customers.


(Price can vary)

The benefits of being able to repair is if you have a minor or major issue with one shockabsorber, like a bent shaft after an incident with a gutter perhaps, a damaged mount, it can be sent into us and we can repair it while only doing the work needed. This can be significantly more cost effective than a whole replacement.


(From $250 per damper)

The benefits of being able to recondition your suspension is that they can be kept in top operating condition and last as long as you need them to last. This is done by sending the suspension into us so that we can inspect them, disassemble them and reassemble along with changing out the sealing components for the latest versions to give them the best chance at lasting as long as possible into the future.

Why Does Suspension Need Servicing?

Your suspension is one of the hardest working parts of your car.  Every slight imperfection in the road, every throttle, brake and steering wheel input, your suspension is working to distribute the absorb and distribute the forces where they need to go.

At virtually all times whilst driving, the piston inside the damper moves up and down which generates heat which over time degrades sealing parts, the oil and the valving over time.  Like any other wear and tear part of your vehicle, the suspension can hugely benefit from regular reconditioning to keep it operating and lasting as well as possible.

There’s also the environmental impacts to consider.  Things like stones, dirt and road grime can also help damage or accelerate the degradation over time.  These are things that are hard to avoid and so regular reconditioning can help reduce the impacts of these factors.

If you want the best operating health and performance from your shock absorber, regular maintenance is recommended.

How regularly should I get my MCA Suspension products reconditioned?

We usually suggest every 2-3 years if you wish to keep your suspension in tip top condition.  However there are also some signs you can look out for that help you know your suspension might need looking at.

Signs that your suspension may need servicing or repair:

  • Unusual noise from the suspension (noises can also be caused by a number of other suspension components like sway bars, bushes, balljoints, etc).
  • There’s oil leaking from the shockabsorbers.
  • Noticeable changes in the way your car is riding or handling.

What work is done during a Recondition?

Under a normal service:

($250 per corner)

  • A wash/clean of the suspension is done first.
  • An inspection of all components is carried out during external and internal disassembly.
  • All internal gas, oil and dirt sealing components are replaced with our latest versions.
  • The damper gets fresh oil and gas during the internal reassembly.
  • The external parts are then refitted and adjusted back to the measurements they came in with unless otherwise requested.

In a service we also check for damage and can replace:

  • Pistons.
  • Shafts.
  • Bodies.
  • Mounts.
  • any other components that are damaged.
  • If damage is found during a service we will notify you of any additional costs involved in the repair before any work is done.

What work is done during a Revalve?

  • A Recondition is carried out.
  • While the internals are disassembled, the valving and possibly piston will be replaced with a new valving package to suit the customer’s request.
  • The dampers are then dyno tested and tuned as required.

Examples of why you might want to re-valve your dampers

  • Changing what your vehicle is designed for (street comfort, motorsport, etc).
  • Updating to the latest valving tech that MCA has developed.
  • Looking to fine tune/dial in the setup you already have.
  • Please note: you don’t always need to change the valving to change the characteristics of the suspension setup. You may only need a spring change ($50 a spring).  This is something that can be discussed with us.

We do not offer re-valving for Voston products.