One of the main benefits of having MCA Suspension products is that they are fully supported here in Australia. Thanks to the services we offer, your suspension can not only last as long as you like, but they can also be altered as needed if your intended use for them changes over time.

They can be Reconditioned

($195 per corner)

Brings them back to operating as new by replacing internal sealing components and rebuilding them with fresh oil and gas.

They can be Revalved

($295 per corner – includes a recondition)

If you wish to alter the way the suspension rides or handles, or maybe just want to update to the latest valving tech MCA has developed, this is the option for you.

They can be Repaired

(Price varies depending on what’s required)

Accidents can happen and aren’t always in our control, but here at MCA Suspension we can repair our products and replace only the individual parts needed, keeping costs down and convenience up.


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