Serviceable and Repairable

Another significant difference between MCA Suspension products and most other brands is the ability to repair, recondition and even revalve the suspension. With most other suspension brands, neither of these options are realistically possible.

MCA Suspension Shock Absorber / Damper in for a service repair and re valve.


The benefits of being able to repair is if you have a minor issue with one shockabsorber, like a bent shaft after an incident with a gutter perhaps, a damaged mount, or something like this, it can be sent into us and we can repair it by only doing the work needed. This can be significantly more cost effective than a whole replacement.


The benefits of being able to recondition your suspension is so that they can be kept in top operating condition and last as long as you need them to last. This is done by sending the suspension into us so that we can inspect them, disassemble them and reassemble along with changing out the sealing components for the latest versions to give them the best chance at lasting as long as possible into the future.


Valving is the heart of a damper and is a large what gives a suspension setup it’s handling and ride characteristics. It can be very handy to be able to have your suspension’s valving changed, it could be that you’re wanting to change what your car is setup for such as going from a street focused setup to a more track focused setup, or it could be that you’re wanting to fine tune a setup to try and further dial it in your individual needs. Either way, here at MCA Suspension we’re able to offer these services to our customers.


If you’re looking to book one of these services, please click the below link.