Lead times: Voston 1-2 weeks, Pro Series and Reds 2-4 weeks.

About Our Stance Spec Suspension

MCAs Pro Stance suspension range is designed for extremely low ride heights.

Stance Spec Valving:
With unique internal valving developed by MCA our Pro Stance suspension is designed to run super stiff springs, and even sit on the bumpstops at ride height without excessive bounce. We’ve tested our kits right down to only 10mm TOTAL shaft bump travel.


Correct Shock Lengths:

When controlling the wheel travel properly, it means you can run super low ride heights, but still stop the wheel travel before any bad contact is made. For example, tyre on fenders, suspension arm on chassis, etc.

Out of the box our suspension is set up with the correct shock lengths for a standard vehicle however, some stance-focused cars may have some significant modifications including adjustable arms, rolled guards, tyres that don’t fit inside the fenders and the list goes on. In some cases, this will mean that the wheel travel limit needs to be changed.

With each suspension kit, you will receive a guide on how to correctly adjust your suspension to suit your modifications allowing you to increase bump travel or limit bump travel to suit your specific setup.


Springs Seat Height Adjustment:

All of our height adjustment is done via the spring seat, this allows you to raise and lower your car without changing the bump travel limit, so you’ll always have safe wheel travel. Unlike base height adjustable shocks where your bump limit changes as you change ride heights.