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At MCA, we spend countless hours testing the best spring configurations for a variety of applications. We have listed our recommended spring rates based on how your vehicle will be used below. Please select one of the configurations or alternatively choose your own custom spring rates

Please note that spring rates other than the default option for Blue, Essential, Performance and Prime Series will incur a $50.00 fee

Default Springs

Fronts: 6kg
Rear: 6kg


Fronts: 6kg
Rear: 6kg


Fronts: 6kg
Rear: 6kg


Fronts: 6kg
Rear: 6kg


Fronts: 6kg
Rear: 6kg


Fronts: 6kg
Rear: 6kg


Fronts: 6kg
Rear: 6kg

Custom Springs

Let MCA Choose

From your answers below, we will choose the spring rates based on what we believe will be most suited to your requirements

Inverted Strut Option

Please note that the inverted strut option is exclusively for competition vehicles

Stealth Option ($50)

All of the aluminium parts are black (no colours) and all of the steel parts are black instead of silver, except for the chrome shaft and the uniball bearings if used.

Camber Washers ($300)

A standard inclusion for Street Ultimates and Red Series, we are now opening this up as an option for some other products. Camber washers are a more accurate and reliable method of camber adjustment and in some cases will allow for more camber adjustment. These are only available for strut type suspension,for example: Toyota 86 front, Silvia front, Evo front, Impreza front and some Impreza front and rear.

Damper Adjuster Extenders ($40)

These are a flexible steel cable in a rubber sleeve and with billet aluminium ends which attach to the top of the existing damper adjusters. They come in 20cm or 40cm lengths and can also be trimmed down to a more specific length if needed by the customer. Their purpose is to allow easier access to the damper adjusters in cases where they are otherwise hard to reach or need to poke through interior trim.

To help us check your order and be sure you’re getting a good setup for your needs, please answer the 3 questions below...

On a scale of 1‐10, 1 being full comfort and 10 being full performance, where do you think you’re desired compromise point is for what you’re after

What you plan to use your car for, and what would be your priorities for the setup? (paragraph text field – 500 character limit)

Any other current or future planned suspension mods: (paragraph text field – 500 character limit)

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Shipping ($50 flat rate)


MCA to Fit ($500)

Your suspension can be picked up from our Brisbane warehouse:

2a / 229 Robinson Rd East
Geebung, QLD, 4034

Your suspension will be fitted in our Brisbane warehouse at:

2a / 229 Robinson Rd East
Geebung, QLD, 4034

Please let us know a date after the 30th of September that you would like your suspension fitted. (must be a weekday)

Please understand that we can not guarantee that your setup will be exactly what you’re after, this is due to a large amount of variables such as the rest of your cars setup, tyres, road conditions, and also your personal preferences, opinions and driving style. In saying that, we are here to help you achieve your desired setup. The extreme majority of the time, the setups we do for people are what they are after, but worst case if it’s not quite right then a simple spring change is probably the most that would be required if the adjustment existing on the dampers can not achieve the desired result.

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