This part is supplied with a Red Series setup for cars with a strut type shock absorber and the mounting hole in the car's knuckle is required to be downsized to suit the Red Series camber washer bolt size.

The sleeve is usually found either slipped over the camber washer bolt that is supplied in one of the mounting holes of the Red Series struts.

Installation is Jeremy Clarkson friendly as it only requires a hammer :-P

The easiest method is to put the bolt through the sleeve, then place it up against the TOP mounting hole in the knuckle. Then gently tap in with a hammer to start and increase force as required to knock the sleeve all the way in. Be sure to constantly check that it is going in straight and not on an angle.

Also remember that if it slips in fairly easily, not to worry as it cannot fall out once the shock is fitted. Although it should not slip in so easily that you can 'rattle' it around inside the knuckle.

If you experience any problems or think that the sleeve supplied is too loose or too tight of a fit, please do not hesitate to contact us.