A Message from MCA Suspension!

Please do not move the bottom mount to adjust the ride height.

Only adjust the spring seat position.

Do not worry if this makes the spring loose or preloaded.  It will not affect how the car drives or handles, contrary to popular myths and beliefs.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: There is one exception to this rule and it is explained on the other side of this page and should be read as it may apply to you.


A Note About Setting Ride Heights Using MCA Blue, X or Red Series Suspension Products

With some cars where the desired ride height can change greatly from customer to customer, so please follow the below suggested method in regards to setting the ride heights.

Typically speaking you should only use the spring seats to adjust the height of the car by moving them up and down, however if you raise them too high, to the point where you do not have sufficient wheel drop or ‘droop’, then you may need to make some adjustments to the bottom mount position to ensure you have enough droop.

You should make sure that you have at least 50mm of droop from your current ride height, this is easy to check, one simple method is to use a tape measure to measure from the bottom of the wheel up to the guard at your ride height, then jack the car up so that both wheels at the same end of the car come up the ground, then measure from bottom of wheel to guard again.  Minus the previous measurement from this new one and that is how much droop you have.

If you have 45 or 50mm or more then no problem, if you have less than 45mm you should make the below adjustments.

  1. Adjust the bottom mount to make the shockabsorber longer by the amount of droop you wish to gain.  For example, if you have 25mm of droop and you wish to have 50mm, then wind the bottom mount down 25mm.
  2. Then wind the spring seats down the same amount you have moved the bottom mount. For example, if you moved the bottom mount 25mm, move the spring seats down 25mm also.

The end result is an increase in droop, but the same ride height is retained.

Please do check to make sure that you have at least 40mm of thread inside the bottom mount if it’s a strut type of setup (will have a camber top), or at least 15mm of thread if it’s a multilink/coilover/telescopic type of setup (will not have a camber top).

NOTE: at no point should you adjust the bottom mount to make the shockabsorber shorter than how they were set by us at MCA Suspension.

Hope this is easy to understand and follow, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.