We are excited to announce that we can now support the 2022+ Subaru BRZ and the Toyota GR86.

We had a 2022 BRZ in for measure up and install at our Geebung workshop recently and found that the vehicle weights, suspension operating lengths and suspension mounts we already had for the previous BRZ/86 fit and worked well.

During the basic test drive after the suspension install, I could tell immediately that they’ve really done a good job upgrading the engine performance. Plenty of torque easily available from lower RPM and accelerates smoothly right through to about 5000rpm where I could start to feel the horsepower coming on but didn’t continue revving it as we don’t like to drive customers cars like that.

This means that Toyota and Subaru have managed to give us exactly what we wanted. A new 86/BRZ with a more modern interior and exterior, the same handling/driving characteristics but with an improved engine. And they’ve definitely improved that engine.

The Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ have always been a favourite car of ours at MCA Suspension. The first Red Series product we ever developed was on one of the first 86s delivered in Queensland and we’ve been in love with them ever since.

Since then, we’ve accomplished many things with 86s.

• We’re the sole supplier of control suspension for the Australian and the New Zealand Toyota backed National 86 Race Series.

• We have built and won awards with a show car/track car widebody 86.

• Plus we designed, built, developed and piloted the fastest Time Attack 86 in Australia, possibly the world.

• We developed a unique and simple bolt-on bracket fix to the rear traction/stability issues (86 Traction Mod).

Speaking of the Traction Mod, we also test fitted this to the 2022 BRZ and it fitted up perfectly.


Now new 2022 BRZ and eventual GR86 owners will be able to experience the improved rear traction, stability and comfort that the Traction Mod offers. As you can imagine, with this level of passion, experience and expertise going into developing suspension for a particular vehicle/chassis, our 86 and BRZ suspension products are the most refined products we make and we are confident that they are up there with the best 86/BRZ suspension products available. It’s nice when manufacturers only change what they need to and leave the rest alone.