MCA Suspension Installation

Who better to install your new MCA Suspension purchase than MCA Suspension ourselves.  No one knows our product better, so you can be confident that your car treated right and setup correctly.

MCA Suspension

What's included in an install? ($600)

  • We will discuss with you what you’re after from the installation such as desired ride heights and wheel alignment specs.
  • If you don’t have any preferences we will give you our thoughts and opinions and decide on a setup together.
  • The installation will be carried out.
  • Ride heights will be set.
  • A brief, basic road test is then carried out by our director, Josh Coote, to make sure he’s happy with how the install has gone and with how our product is feeling.
  • The ride heights are then checked again after the car has settled from the road test.
  • A wheel alignment is then carried out.
  • The suspension we’ve replaced is packed into a box and placed into your vehicle.
  • Any supporting documentation or MCA provided adjustment tools are placed on your passenger seat.


MCA Installs can be purchased along side a suspension package purchase via our online store.  Or if you have already purchased a new set of MCA suspension, then please use the button below to send us an enquiry so we can organise the installation.

MCA Suspension Mazda RX8 Adjustable Suspension Kit Installed