Fusion valving has been around for a number of years now and at the time of it’s release it featured the best blend of comfort and handling to date. However due to our relentless commitment to further improving our already class leading product range, we have continued to make significant improvements to our Fusion Valving. Enough to make the decision to now officially launch it’s successor, Fusion V2 Valving.

In the automotive industry, Damper Valving is often mentioned but rarely understood. However the truth is that Valving is the biggest contributor to the end result of how a suspension setup will feel and perform. With just a valving change and no changes to any other component, a setup can go from being uncontrollably soft, right through to unbearably rigid. This is because there is a practically infinite number of ways you can design and setup the valving of a damper, which is also why an endless number of hours can be poured into the development of valving.

The main advantages of our latest valving, Fusion V2, is that we’ve managed to further increase the smoothness and bump handling characteristics, increase the use ability of the hard/soft damper adjuster range, all whilst having no noticeable loss in performance potential.

Despite the official launch for this valving being 1/11/21, we have been slowly integrating this valving into our product range over the last few months. If you’ve only recently placed your order, don’t worry, it will still feature our latest Fusion V2 Valving.

This graph compares to Fusion Valving V1 and V2, notice the smoother curve from V2.

Fusion Valving V2 is in our Reds, Pro Sport and Pro Comfort suspension range.