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Air Cups are great but are not as universal as often thought

here are some pointers to consider if you are thinking about purchasing them.
Air Cups won’t suit every car and suspension design, even in cases where they do they will have the below impacts without a custom-designed set of suspension.
    1.  Remove 23mm of shaft travel just from fitting them (which is quite a lot)
    2.  Decrease height adjustment range
    3.  Potentially decrease the length of the spring that will fit
If air cups will work for your car/suspension design, MCA Suspension can custom build your suspension to work specifically with air cups and keep the operation and travels as per original MCA designs, to do this we:
    1. Assemble with longer shafts to try and accommodate the loss in travel.
    2. Make the shocks shorter to regain the correct operating lengths after adding the longer shafts.
    3. Assess if we can fit the normal spring or if we need to fit a shorter and/or firmer spring.
    4. Check if there is a sufficient height adjustment range and make modifications as required if there’s not.
For more information please contact us.