Lead times: Voston 1-2 weeks. Pro Series and Reds 1-2 weeks.

MCA Pro Sport coilovers (GR86/86/BRZ/FRS all models) USA promotional group buy

MCA Pro Sport coilovers (GR86/86/BRZ/FRS all models) USA promotional group buy

US Group Buy Order Details

Price: AUD$2300 (normally AUD$2590)
This is about USD$1520 depending on the current exchange rate.

Free shipping to the USA will also be included exclusively as part of this group buy. This is typically AUD$390.

This is a total saving of AUD$680 (roughly USD$450) which is about 23%.


Minimum group order: 5 orders.

Must be shipped to the USA.

Group buy orders will run for 1 month until the 10th of May 2024. After one month all sets will be built and posted within the week provided that at least 5 sets are sold.

Anyone can join the group buy as long as they are in the USA. They don’t need to have purchased the Traction Mod so feel free to extend the offer to anyone and post about it on groups/forums etc to help reach the 5 minimum orders.

If we don’t reach the minimum order amount we will contact each purchaser to discuss if they’d like to cancel or accept a different price that’s closer to the normal retail price.

Days Remaining

Vehicle Specific Specs:

Additional information

Spring Rates

Front: 6kg Rear: 5kg.


Non-inverted strut design, Camber tops, Camber washer bottom mounts, Sway bar links supplied.


Coilover design.


Pro Sport The MCA Pro Sports are designed to provide a high level of performance and handling with an acceptable level of comfort on the road. The minimal compromise is achieved thanks to Fusion 3.0, MCA’s latest valving, along with a more thorough and dedicated development program. Their setup has been derived from circuit racing testing for the Red Series but modified to suit a wider range of applications including street use. They feature a very wide range of height adjustment as well as hard/soft damper adjustment and camber adjustment where applicable.

The Pro Sports are internally and externally assembled here in our Brisbane Workshop. This means we have full control over the quality and accuracy of our products and our customers also get freshly assembled suspension.

Suitable Applications:

  • Street driving with a firm but adequate ride quality.
  • Enjoyable spirited driving.
  • High-level spirited driving.
  • Light/Medium motorsport use.
  • Factory height down to a tyre inside fender of ~15mm (estimate).


  • Designed, Developed, Assembled & Fully Supported in Australia.
  • 3 Year Transferrable, Industry Leading Warranty program.
  • Can be Repaired, Reconditioned, Revalved and Resprung.
  • MCA Proprietary Fusion Valving Technology V3.0.
  • Pre-selected valving and spring package.
  • Dyno Tuning & Testing high level of quality control.
  • 12 Clicks of Hard/Soft Damper Adjuster (Bump & Rebound together).
  • Camber Adjustment via top mount (check vehicle-specific specs for more info).
  • Camber Washer Bottom Mounts(check vehicle-specific specs for more info).
  • Damper Adjuster Extenders (where possible, see additional information).
  • Wheel travel range adjustment via the bottom mount (pre-set by MCA).
  • Height adjustment via spring seat position (base height adjustment is flawed).
  • Suggested Height Range: between factory height and 10mm top of tyre up inside fender (depends on vehicle specifics).
  • Reinforced double-gusseted lower mounts (where applicable, see additional information).
  • Helper Springs to keep the main spring captive at all times.
  • Latest Rugged Spec internal sealing designs and components.
  • Superior Monotube design.

In The Box

  • Complete Suspension System.
  • Height Adjustment Tools.
  • Setup Sheet.
  • Information Sheets.
  • MCA Sticker’s.
  • MCA Lanyard



  • 3 year warranty.
  • Warranty covers motorsport use.
  • Exchange program.
  • Repaired in Australia.


Air Cups (if applicable)

  • 2 year warranty.

PRICE: $2790/set

The MCA Pro Sports are designed to provide a high level of performance and handling with an acceptable level of comfort on the road. The minimal compromise is achieved thanks to our Fusion 3.0 valving, along with a continuous, thorough and dedicated development program.

The MCA Pro Sports is perhaps the best example of the capabilities of our latest Fusion V3.0 valving. The idea behind the Pro Sports is that they are an excellent all-rounder, capable of acceptable ride quality on the street, highly enjoyable spirited driving, as well as entry-level motorsport use such as hill climbs, circuit sprint days, gymkhana, etc. They feature a very large range of height adjustment as well as hard/soft damper adjustment and camber adjustment where applicable. These really are excellent all-rounder options for performance-orientated street cars.

Here at MCA Suspension, we offer the most inclusive and diverse warranty for suspension components. This warranty not only covers the usual things like oil leaks but also gas leaks, bearings, bushes and even noises. On top of this, we have an excellent exchange program to help out our customers who are unable to have their cars off the road. 

We even warrant both street and motorsport use and don’t require any specific ride height range or damper setting range to be used, it’s easy to see why the MCA Suspension warranty program is far ahead of our competitors. 

Camber Washers are an MCA specific design/concept. They provide accurate, reliable and secure camber adjustment via the bottom mount. Not all vehicles are compatible with camber washers, but where possible our products come with camber washers included and fitted.

Not all vehicles are compatible with camber tops, but where possible our products come with camber tops included and fitted. The benefit of camber tops is that they provide a simple and quick way of adjusting the camber. This helps achieve optimum tyre wear and grip for various applications. 

Assembled to order in Australia by our highly trained and specialised team. All of our suspension setups have been designed in Australia by MCA Suspension. Unlike many of our competitors, no copied setups or re-branded products here. 

This product features unique valving, developed by MCA Suspension to provide an exceptional blend of compliance over bumps providing a firm but comfortable ride quality and stability for confident and capable handling. 

Our dampers come with a simple but powerful 12 clicks of damper adjustment between hard and soft settings. The way the damper adjuster works is it controls the amount of oil that bypasses the valving system. Setting the adjuster harder restricts oil flow making the damper firmer, while setting the adjuster softer allows the oil to flow easier which makes the damper softer. 

Your suspension will be tested and tuned on our damper dyno during the assembly process, prior to being sent to you. This helps provide a high level of quality control and guarantees an acceptable level of consistency between each damper, It can also help us create the custom valving that is sometimes required for our Red Series products. 

Carrying on from the 2nd version of Fusion Valving, V3 offers increased comfort and a smoother ride with no reduction of outright performance potential. On top of this, damper adjustment range has also been refined to provide a much wider usable range of adjustment.

Taking our previous internal sealing spec Baner Spec to the next level, Rugged Spec literally doubles down by overhauling the major sealing component designs to build in sealing redundancy. Essentially this means the sealing points inside the dampers now have a backup resulting in the most durable dampers we’ve ever produced.

MCA Suspension products DO NOT use “Base Height Adjustment” this is because the “base height adjustment” method of initial design and height adjustment is extremely flawed, carries no logic and shows a pure lack of understanding of how suspension works. 

Here at MCA Suspension our setups are far more thoroughly designed and therefore use the spring seat height adjustment method for ride height. This is the same system used on top-end suspension products. 

Regarding vehicle suspension, there are two types of dampers in the way they operate internally. Monotube and Twin-Tube. Twin-Tubes often are cheaper alternatives and don’t have the same potential as monotubes (for example, most factory dampers and cheaper factory replacement dampers are twin tubes). 

MCA Suspension only uses Monotube Suspension, as do all true high-end suspension brands. The monotube design offers better cooling for the internal oil and stops oil and gas mixing, both of which make the suspension damper more consistent and last longer.