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MCA Camber Washers


The Camber Washers are unique to MCA Suspension and have been used for decades on our Gold Series products. They are designed to offer accurate, incremental, secure and reliable camber adjustment.

They come in 0mm offset, 1mm offset, 2mm offset as well as 3mm offset. 4mm offset is possible for setups with 12mm bolts, but 3mm is the maximum offset for 14mm bolts. 0, 1s and 2s are what’s commonly supplied with our products as standard and are all that’s usually required.

How much camber change there is per 1mm offset varies from vehicle to vehicle however, 1mm is usually roughly (very roughly) 1 degree. Keep in mind this is camber CHANGE, not a camber amount.

Some products will have the camber washers in both the top and bottom bolt holes, whereas some will just have them in the top bolt hole.

Available in

12: 0,1,2,3 & 4s

14: 0,1,2 & 3s


Qty 1 = 1 camber washer

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