Lead times: Voston 1-2 weeks, Pro Series and Reds 2-4 weeks.

MCA Suspension Test Day

With Hot Wheels Drivers Matt Mingay & Kent Dalton

We spent a day at Queensland Raceway with Hot Wheels drivers Matt Mingay & Kent Dalton for the purpose of helping tune both their suspension setups in preparation for the Drifting Competition at World Time Attack Challenge in April.

Both Matt’s Camaro and Kent’s Commodore are running MCA Red Series Suspension and with a few simple adjustments both Matt and Kent were stoked with the progress made in both terms of driveability and outright performance.

No matter how high quality your suspension is, there are always little variables with each car and driver that affect the overall setup. Testing different settings and adjustments on your suspension can really help dial things to help you get the most out of your vehicle. We are more than happy to help our customers with advice in this area whenever needed.

Images from World Time Attack Challenge 2022 later that year.