Lead times: Voston 1-2 weeks, Pro Series and Reds 2-4 weeks.

Fensport UK, Rocket bunny GR Yaris Time Attack Build



Powerplant: G16-GTS


  • Ported cylinder head
  • Combustion chambers reprofiled
  • Direct injection removed – DI ports plugged
  • Rest of the engine is stock
  • Pulsar Turbos G25-660 Turbocharger – Low boost 2 bar – hight boost 2.5 bar.
  • Fensport custom manifold with 45mm Turbosmart wastegate
  • Fensport custom 2.5″ allot intercooler piping from turbo, 3″ from intercooler
  • Fensport 600×300 intercooler
  • Fensport custom intake manifold with larger GT86 Throttle body
  • Fensport carbon airbox
  • Blitz SUS Power air filter
  • 4″ Alloy air intake


  • Davies Craig electric water pump conversion mounted where air con compressor was
  • Fensport custom swirl pot
  • Silicon water hoses
Fensport UK Rocket bunny Toyota GR Yaris with Tailor Made MCA Suspension kit set up for racing and time attack


  • Ecumaster EMU Black engine ecu controlling engine, with launch control, anti lag, flat shift, failsafe water meth injection, 3 fuel pumps, rear diff control, stock fan, electric water pump & power steering
  • Ecumaster Power Distribution Module
  • Ecumaster switch panel
  • Ecumaster GPS
  • Ecumaster ADU 7″‘ Dash with logging
Fensport Rocket Bunny GR Yaris MCA Suspension Installed 2

Fuel System:

  • Stock tank and pump used as a lift pump
  • fuel swirl pot with 2 x 255L/H pumps (staged)
  • Turbosmart 1200 fuel pressure regulator with return to tank
  • Custom fuel rail & lines
  • Bosch Motorsport 1350cc injectors
  • ERL Aquamist water methanol injection – 3 x direct port and 1 pre throttle, baffled tank


  • Helix Steel flywheel
  • Helix 6 Paddle Clutch
  • Helix Uprated cover assembly
  • Dual mass flywheel stock setup is 21kg, the new helix setup is 13kg total

Fensport 3"' Exhaust system from turbo back using an Avo rear silencer and tailpipes modified to suite (from GT86)


  • Pandem Rocket Bunny wide arch kit with Fensport Carbon rear supports. Arches cut out to suit larger track width
  • Track width increased +140mm rear, +110mm front
  • Custom cages FIA multiport roll cage
  • Bodyshell lightening including removal of seat rails, rear boot floor, roof supports, doors lightened and side impact bars removed + Perspex side windows
  • Front bumper – all unnecessary air intakes blocked, only air allowed is for intercooler, radiator and air intake for engine. No air allowed into wheel arches
  • Rear bumper – Removed reverse light and added a larger vent to allow trapped air out


      Ready to race – driver 1157KG


  • MCA Suspension Reds Coilovers for GR Yaris with – 10kg front springs, 16kg rears
  • -4.2 Degrees negative camber front, -2.8 rear
  • Cusco adjustable camber arms
  • Cusco adjustable toe arms
  • Gazoo Racing front strut brace

Wheels & Tyres:

  • BC Racing RT53 forged monoblock allot 10.5 x 18 borrowed from the Fensport GT86R, they will be replaced with correct fitment wheels later.
  • Fensport 25mm wheel spacer/adapters to suit wheels
  • Toyo R888R tyres, 295/30/18
Fensport Rocket Bunny GR Yaris Interior with Roll Cage


  • Custom cages, multi point cage FIA approved
  • Corbeau Revolution X racing seat
  • Corbeau alloy side mounts
  • FIA 2021 steel seat rails
  • Cartek solid state cut off switch
  • Lifeline fire extinguisher