Why you should not adjust your ride height via base height adjustment.

Correct Setup

The image below shows a damper at full droop and set up correctly by MCA Suspension. 

Correct Setup At Full Bump

(1) The base height adjustment is set correctly by MCA.

(2) The damper is fully compressed at full bump.

(3) the wheel and tyre has gone all the way up inside the fender maximising suspension travel but has not made contact with the wheel arch. 

Base Height Set Too High

The image below shows what happens when the base height is set too high (if you try and raise the car via base height)

(1) Close up of the base height position. 

(2) Damper is at full bump (fully compressed).

(3) There is still lots of room between the tyre and fender resulting in wasted suspension travel potential.

Base Height Set Too Low

The image below shows what happens when the base height is set too low (if you try and lower your car via base height).

(1) Close up of the base height position (shaft moved too low down the base). 

(2) Damper hasn’t reached full bump because it has been stopped by the wheel to arch contact resulting in lost suspension travel.

(3) The tyre has hit the inner guard because the damper didn’t reach full bump to stop travel before the tyre did, the tyre can damage the wheel arch and the wheel arch can also damage the tyre from rubbing or hitting sharp parts of the wheel arch.