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MCA Suspension is a high-end, custom motorsport suspension manufacturer based in South East Queensland, Australia.  We build, from scratch and in-house, some of the best suspension in the world to suit any vehicle for any application.

Whilst specialising in Gravel Rally, Tarmac Rally and Circuit Racing, we have designed and built premium suspension packages for almost every form of motorsport on the planet.  And because we design and build our own suspension in house, we can make something to suit any car, no matter the configuration or level of modification.

The secret to the high level of performance that MCA Suspension achieves is our personal dedication to getting the most out of your car, our car, or any car for that matter.

MCA Suspension has been supplying suspension packages to top motorsport teams across the world for decades, and now thanks to our latest Red and Blue Series suspension, we aim to make our knowledge and our high level of quality and performance available to all levels of motorsport and car enthusiasts.

Even though we have been heavily involved in various types of motorsport throughout the years through customer cars, it’s only been in the last few years that MCA has built and entered their own cars in top level motorsport.  It started with Josh Coote’s 180SX drift car, which has achieved many great results at both national and international levels of competition.

Having learnt a lot about the S-Chassis from Nissan, MCA decided to enter World Time Attack which is an international level event held at Eastern Creek once a year.  This event brings the best in the world every year to battle it out for the fastest lap.  After building an S13 and finishing 10th on debut in 2011, then going on to drop 5 seconds the next year and finishing 3rd as well as being fastest rear wheel drive, MCA has well and truely been bitten by the bug that is highly competitive motorsport.